Fly Tying Competition

A fly tying competition will take place throughout the weekend and is sponsored by Force Fly Fishing, Inc. – They manufacture and sell the new Predator Fly Tying Vise – The Predator is the most innovative, ground breaking vise that the market has seen in years. Valued at $595.95, The Predator Fly Tying Vise will be the Grand Prize of the Fly Tying Competition at the Western Colorado Outdoor & Sportsman Expo.

how to enter:

1. Bring your pre-tied fly to the Force Fly Fishing booth at the Western Colorado Outdoor & Sportsman Expo. Tag your fly with your information and the name of your fly.

2. Force Fly Fishing will have a board set up with all of the flies that have been entered along with a ballot box. Attendees will be able to vote for the fly of their choice and drop that ballot in the box.

3. On Sunday, April 8th at 2 pm, the ballots will be tabulated and the winner of the vise will be decided. Winner will receive a Predator Fly Tying Vise, as well as Pro Staff Title with Force Fly Fishing, Inc.

4. We will announce the winner on Sunday afternoon by 3:30 and we will present the winner with the vise and a Pro-staff t-shirt.

For more information on the Fly Tying Competition and the brand-new Predator Fly Tying Vise, by Force Fly Fishing Inc. call (970) 409-0962.

Force Fly Fishing Inc. | Summit County, CO | (970) 409-0962