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High Country Edible Mushrooms

Learn to find choice edible mushrooms in Colorado’s high country: Porcinis, Chanterelles, Morels & more.
Did you know that Colorado is home to a natural bounty prized by chefs everywhere? These native culinary delights live about 10,000 ft in coniferous forests all around us – wild mushrooms! Trent & Kristen Blizzard, founders of, will open your eyes to our fungal friends, sharing pictures, advice, tips and maybe even a few secret spots to help you find baskets of success in 2018. Learning to hunt wild mushrooms is easier than you might think!
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Rick Takahashi

Rick Takahashi is an author, artist, and demonstration fly tier who often displays his skills at local and regional venues such as the Denver Fly Show, West Denver Trout Unlimited Fly Tying Clinic, International Sportsmen Exhibition, Federation of Fly Fisherman Conclave, and at various regional fly shops near Denver. He is an illustrator and contributor to Fly Fisherman magazine, and his art has been used for the Federation of Fly Fisherman Conclave. Rick is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and industry consultant. He works at Anglers Roost in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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Ray Long

I’m a 4th Generation Eagle County resident that was blessed with a hunting outdoor family, my Great Grandpa Herman Schultz was a professional hunting guide who honorably took President Theodore Roosevelt on several Bear and Mountain lion hunts. Both of my Grandpas were avid hunters more out of necessity to feed their families than anything and most of my Uncles and my father would all go hunting together when I was younger.
I’ve been the local RMEF Chapter Chairman since 2008 and on the committee since 2006, I consider our chapter and committee as one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life and it’s allowed me to share my passion for wildlife and the outdoors with hundreds of people over the years by educating people on why hunting is conservation and why it’s vitally important to the future of our community! I do not consider myself an expert in anything but it’s my pleasure to share with you the knowledge and experiences that I’ve been fortunate enough to witness in over 30 years of hunting camps with friends and family, and look forward to attempting to answer your questions.
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Kelli Jackson | AnglHer

Anglher got it’s roots back in 2008 in apparel to fill a void of clothing designed and cut for women. The industry lacked fashionable, functional and fun threads. The brand and gear was a success! We extended our business model to include hosted fly fishing trips and education classes with hopes of building a community of women who wanted to learn, travel and fish in a comfortable environment while enjoying red carpet treatment. We work with hand selected guide services across the world to create all inclusive, unforgettable fly fishing experiences for women of all skill levels. Our mission is to seek adventure on the water.
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Brookside Gun Dogs

Brookside Gun Dogs is a family owned dog training and boarding company. They’ve been training dogs for hunting, hunt tests, and obedience for 30 years. Their facility is on the beautiful High Lonesome Ranch, just outside of De Beque. Their demonstration is going to be on the process and drills that they use to train a retriever to follow whistles and hand signals to do a blind retrieve, so that a finished retriever can recover downed birds that he was unable to see fall.
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Reed Clawson | Classic Air Medical

Classic Air Medical: Providing 30 years of Rocky Mountain Regional Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Helicopter services with bases in: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho.
Flight Paramedic Reed Clawson (5 year Paramedic, Backcountry Rescue Team Training Coordinator, Diploma in Mountain Medicine recipient and 7 year pro ski patroller) will present the aircraft and crew capabilities after a live fly in from the Glenwood Springs crew (weather dependent).
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Glenn Ryan | Lead Packer-Rocky Mountain Region Specialty Pack String with the US Forest Service

Glenn Ryan brings a unique perspective to his packing and horsemanship demonstrations. Visitors will enjoy both the depth of his knowledge and his informal yet thorough presentation style. Calling on his life experiences on remote ranches in northern California and his 27-year career as a Government Mule Packer, his demonstrations are full of useful packing tips and colorful stories of a lifetime working with horses and mules.
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Jim Gonzales

Jim is a life-long resident of Eagle County and resides in Minturn. He has hunted the Colorado Mountains for 50 years and is experienced in calling game having bow hunted for 34 years. He is a life time member of the RMEF, Mule Deer Foundation and Trout Unlimited. Jim was the chairman for the Eagle Valley Chapter for 12 years and a committee member for 4 years. A life time of hunting in Colorado, Illinois and Alaska has given Jim the skills to call in game and he has become very successful in that endeavor as an accomplished bow hunter. Jim has passed his knowledge to his children and friends teaching them how to use calls and when to use them. Jim’s philosophy is “knowledge comes from experience and success comes when that knowledge is put to the test. The outcome is always in question, success the sweetest reward.”

Robert Gonzales

Robert was raised in Minturn and now resides in Leadville. He has hunted big game for 42 years and is an accomplished bow hunter having bow hunted for 30 years. Robert is a life-time member of the RMEF and the Mule Deer Foundation and was a co-chair for the Eagle Valley chapter for 10 years. A life time of hunting in the Colorado Mountains has made Robert very successful and he has passed that knowledge to his children and friends. His philosophy is simple. “Success comes to those who can call elk and make it happen on purpose.”